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To become a member of the Lodge you need to own shares in a company, The Silver Brumby Limited. The Silver Brumby Limited is a privately held company and the shares are not listed on the stock exchange. Shares are sold privately, in parcels of 35 which cannot be separated. There are 225 parcels of shares in The Silver Brumby Limited and a Share Certificate is issued in the name(s) of the owners and is the proof of share ownership.

The Management Committee maintains a list of shares for sale, which is available to prospective buyers and new members together with an information guide for both buyers and sellers. This list of shares contains contact details of the owners selling shares so that prospective buyers can contact the sellers and make enquires.

Becoming a Member

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  • "such a lovely place to return to - clean, comfortable and an enjoyable atmosphere.
    The menu and quality of the meals are definitely the most outstanding part of the stay"

    N Taylor, April 2019

  • "such a wonderful relaxing and fun few days at the Brumby"

    H Osborne, June 2019

  • "We had an amazing time and the food was delicious!
    Our kids kept asking when we were going back!?!"

    P Priest, July 2019

  • "a fabulous week at the lodge"

    D Bollinger, August 2019

  • "a very wonderful week at The Silver Brumby, the food was totally delicious"

    MJ Britten, August 2019
  • "The meals were beautiful, the place spotless and the ambience warm and inviting.
    We loved being with our friends and making new friends"

    J Morris, September 2019


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