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Race week

'Race week is an exciting annual event that encourages recreational racing and into which our own 'Team Brumby' is entered every year. Members and guests over the age of 18 are welcome to participate.

Join our own 'Team Brumby” and be part of Thredbo's Interclub race series.


Develop your skills

For development and encouragement we hire ski instructors for all levels to provide two hour race clinics on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for “Club Race Day”. Thursday we join with friends from Berghutte to hold our Intra-Club Race Day. The results of which decide our club’s; men’s, women’s and handicap champions. We also compete against Berghutte for the Silver Brumby / Berghutte Challenge trophy - a closest split time over two runs competition.

Members and their direct family over 18 years of age, as well as adult guests, are welcome to participate in the events of this week. You will appreciate that club championships and “Team Brumby” selection apply only to the members of the Lodge.

Team Brumby

From the results of our Club Race Day we select and enter a “Team Brumby” to represent us in the Thredbo Interclub held on Saturday. This is the largest club race on the Australian skiing calendar.

So … you might like to book for race week this year, develop your racing skills; have the pleasure of wearing a “Team Brumby” bib on Race Day and have the opportunity to represent our club at the Interclub. 

Après events include Tuesday dinner guest speaker and Wednesday Elegant Night when we dine in style. We host a spirited Calcutta to support senior and junior recreational racing.

More information

For any further details please contact us –
Bob Parcel on (02) 9869 1006.

Team Brumby bib.
Team Brumby bib.
Team Brumby bib.
Images courtesy of Heather Mead
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